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Cranial Electrotherapy stimulation (Alpha Stim). Anxiety treatments Hampshire. 

The Hampshie anxiety clinic, now provides the latest  equipment in  Alpha Stimulation technology. Cranial electrical stimulation can be effective for anxiety disorders, phobias, fears, depression and insomnia. The equipment on your request can be used at the clinic,  and it is important to always discuss with your GP or neurologist when considering using this equipment. This is to ensure that it is safe for you to use and that there are no contraindications with your medical history. The kits are available to hire from the London anxiety clinic, this allows you the opportunity to trial and observe the use of alpha stim, before investing in any purchase from the supplier.

Reference to www.themicrocurrentsite.co.uk  and based on previous and ongoing studies, it appears that the Alpha-Stim® microcurrent waveform activates particular groups of nerve cells that are located at the brainstem. These groups of nerve cells produce the chemicals serotonin and acetylcholine which can affect the chemical activity of nerve cells that are both nearby and at more distant sites in the nervous system. In fact, these cells are situated to control the activity of nerve pathways that run up into the brain and that course down into the spinal cord. By changing the electrical and chemical activity of certain nerve cells in the brainstem, Alpha-Stim® technology appears to amplify activity in some neurological systems, and diminish activity in others.

This neurological ‘fine tuning’ is called modulation, and occurs either as a result of, or together with the production of a certain type of electrical activity pattern in the brain known as an alpha state which can be measured on brain wave recordings (called electro-encephalograms, abbreviated EEG). Such alpha rhythms are accompanied by feelings of calmness, relaxation and increased mental focus. The neurological mechanisms that are occurring during the alpha state appear to decrease stress-effects, reduce agitation and stabilize mood, and regulate both sensations and perceptions of particular types of pain. 

These effects can be produced after a single treatment, and repeated treatments have been shown to increase the relative strength and duration of these effects. In some cases, effects have been stable and permanent, suggesting that the electrical and chemical changes evoked by Alpha-Stim® technology have led to a durable re-tuning back to normal function. Electromedical Products International, Inc. is dedicated to continued research into the mechanisms and effects through which Alpha-Stim® technology can be beneficial to patients with pain, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

Always chat with your GP or Neurologist and for more information please see www.alpha-stim.com





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