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In this particular section we are sharing all the feedback our clients have written or recorded. Our clients have provided their information and we have their full consent to place on this website. The testimonials are very useful, some may resonate with yourself and it provides hope that there is a way forward to achieve the results you are looking for.

Needle Phobia

Needle/medical phobia ...  Acknowledging the power of the mind, unlocks potential and resources...
With consent, from another one of our wonderful clients and their success...
"I went to see Mike to overcome my blood/ needle/ medical procedures phobia. I have had a problem with this since I was eight, and it had often caused me to faint and feel very unpleasant. I have spent the last 25 years feeling increasingly anxious and avoiding these situations, but I realised this would not be possible forever.
Mike was very supportive during our sessions, and we regularly spoke on email between sessions about how I was getting on. He has helped me to move on and re-frame some unpleasant experiences in my past. He also taught me how to completely change the way I think about my fears, and have a more positive and constructive approach. I have gone from not being able to watch needles on tv, to pro actively going for health checks, and several acupuncture sessions.
Mike has made me feel like anything is possible, and that there are no restrictions to what I am able to do in the future."




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