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Drop the fear... Add fuel to your passion and succeed

Do you want to add fuel to your passion? Add zest, zing and excitement to that special feeling inside when you feel so motivated everything seems easier?

In the media there is an endless list of New Year resolutions, including dry January, stopping smoking, starting new careers, dieting and going to the gym.anxiety goals targets

Well there is a common theme  that links these resolutions together, motivation.

You see, the word 'motivate' has a number of meanings, but really it's all down to that feeling of focus inside, your drive.

Now, when I'm talking about your drive, I'm not talking about where you might park your car... But I want you to tap into .... Your energy.... Your enthusiasm...To reach out and begin achieving the things you really want to. You might hear this energy in the language about you, like ''they're off to a flying start''.

I am going to share some tips and techniques with you. Why? To help you maintain that inner feeling of drive and enthusiasm and to help you keep on track with your motivation to reach your goals. You see you can keep focussed on your goals, but if there is no real energy and passion inside, the goals appear in the distance.

Now what is important about motivation? Yes it is the inner qualities of how we feel, think, the internal energy to pursue, that inner drive and determination when feeling challenged, to have that self-perpetuating power to overcome psychological or mental obstacles. What happens if you become discouraged how do you power through and get back on track?
It really is a state of mind.

Well, I'm just about to share some useful strategies...Though just a little bit more for you so you can hear where I have really got to know the usefulness of these strategies.
Over the years I have noticed particular patterns about what works when clients have come to see me about particular issues that they want to resolve and create positive changes in their life.
Whatever it was they wanted to work on, motivation is always a key player. Sometimes it was about increasing the motivation and then tackling the issue, at other times clients are motivated and committed and only required intervention with their particular issue.

Motivation plays an important part in success.

Of course they had their goal in mind and yes you need that, yet you also need that key element of spark, that energy inside, that zest, zing and excitement. So this selection of top tips and strategies are what I have heard my clients doing, and are continuing to do, to enjoy their own successes.

Ok, you have been very patient. So here you are, here are my top tips and strategies to share with you, to help you on your journey this year for what you want to discover and achieve.

  • Be specific, don't get caught up fantasizing.
  • Cultivate a realistic and optimistic outlook.
  • Not only begin to believe you can succeed, but... Believe you can succeed easily.
  • Anticipate any challenges, think of your resources available to overcome these.
  • Be flexible in your course of actions.
  • Remember why you chose this task, remind yourself of the value of what you want and the meaning of it to yourself. What you gain is your incentive.
  • Increase your confidence, get intimate with your own thoughts, pay attention and listen to your inner self talk – ensure it inspires your desire and actions to achieve.
  • Have positive reminders each day. This could be a picture on your phone, a reoccurring reminder in your calender with strong influential words that trigger healthy feelings, thoughts and images.
  • Enjoy the assistance of the people around you that encourage and enrich how you feel and think.
  • Track your progress, set out markers at key steps and congratulate yourself with each step of achievement.
  • Begin to notice what is working and how. If you wish, write these strategies somewhere to remember. You may use them to inspire others one day.
  • Use your imagination, imagine you have achieved what you want already, look back where you began and think how did you get here? Ask yourself questions like, what worked best? What would I change if I did it again? Any information gained from these questions, actively use to adjust your actions.

Look at what will work best for you, ensure you are choosing the right strategies to succeed.

Become your own scientist and start experimenting with ones that you think will work, change it, adapt it to your preference and play about with them. Each time you do this you are moving closer to finding out what works for you and how.

We all have to explore and test to see what begins to work.

I am interested to receive your comments and to hear what strategies you have already that work for you. Please feel free to share this resource to people you know that could benefit from reading it. To get in touch with me, I am available via:

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You can also get in touch with me, if you or anyone you know is struggling with motivation or related anticipation and anxiety. I provide a complimentary 30 minute consultation, where you can explore and ask the questions that are important to you.

My next blog after talking about motivation is the power of your thoughts and language, including some of the latest research in neuroscience. Thoughts are powerful and can be enough to keep us in a problem loop and also strong enough to achieve more resourceful thoughts and behaviours.




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